No RC over Mavlink

Hello from New Zealand!
I have spent a few weeks configuring my new Openhd setup. After a handful of complications that have been overcome, thankfully none of which were an issue with the software or the briliantly indepth instructions that help all newbies get going.

However I have reached an issue that I have not been able to get past, I cannot for the life of me get the output of a USB gamepad/ controller to be viewed in the rc calibration config on mission planner. So far I have tried an Xbox 360 controller and a generic pc/ps3 controller, neither show any movement on any of the axis. These controllers work just fine when directly connected to the computer running mission planner, all the axis move on the joystick section.

My uplink to the flight controller is operational, it can download all parameters and write new parameters to the controller, all is operational.

When I power up the rc controller (Turnigy 9x)
And wiggle the sticks, the rc channels all look as they should.

Without buying yet another generic usb gamepad to trial, I am unsure if this will be the problem.
I am also unsure if there are settings I have missed.
Any help or examples of working setups are appritiated!


TBS discovery clone
Apm 2.6 flight controller

Air PI:

  • Raspberry PI 4b
  • Raspberry Camera Rev. 1.3
  • 2x MT7601 generic dongles (hard wired)

Ground PI:

  • Raspberry PI 4b
  • 2x MT7601 generic dongles

With ardupilot and in openhd config selecting “mavlink” for rc it is all usually plug n play. Does your turnigy have a trainer or usb joystick mode? If so try plugging that into the ground pi

Otherwise you might try to find someone else doing openhd rc with those wifi cards… I am not really familiar with those and sometimes some cards will not do openhd rc

Your spot on with the wifi being the issue!
I went back to the wifi adapters that are known to work well, in a big obvious note below the cards I use is a very important note I must have glazed over.
Fingers crossed for v3.0 for a fix :slight_smile: