No Video without OSD

Hi together,
I’m trying to transmit a clean video signal with OpenHD. Everything works with DISPLAY_OSD=Y, but with DISPLAY_OSD=N, I only get a black screen on the receiver.
All other settings are default. Everything else works out-of-the-box!

TX is RPI0 with RPi-Cam. RX is RPi4, both with AC56. I set it to “N” on both RPis. Maybe I’m missing anything else?
Thanks and regards

hello i have the same problem!. i was asking on telegram group and github but no answer. In my case i have video but maybe 5min after boot (if osd is enable, the video appears in 30seconds).
This is on hdmi or csi output, but the stream video always appear
Now im with 2.0.8
i will try with 2.0.12b

with 2.0.12b same problem. Video appears after long time.