“No Wifi Hotspot Capable Hardware Found.”


My air and ground stations are not connecting. Ground station status message: “No Wifi Hotspot Capable Hardware Found.”


Ground - Pi 4B GroundPi + ‘Taobao Card’
Air - Pi Zero + FN-12AUUM13



Ground Station Status Messages:


  • Can I use different wireless adapters?

Example: two RTL88AU based cards, one fn-12auum13 for Rx and a Taobao for Tx.

  • Is a 5V/3A BEC sufficient for a Pi Zero air station (Pi, Tx, and camera)?
  • Will air/ground connect/transmit without a camera present on the air station?
  • Do I need to edit any config files to get the stations to connect?

i.e., is open HD meant to work out of the box granted that air and ground have the same image and configs?


Yes, you can use different WiFi cards, as long both have the same chipset.

Yes, a 3A bec will work.

No, the system will not connect without a camera, both sides will boot up as groundstations.

And also no, you don’t need to do any editing before the first start if a pi camera is used .


Your problem with WiFi hotspot seems to be related to a new Pi4 version which needs to be added.