Open.HD 2.0.0rc9 released

Release notes are available on Github, if Github downloads are too slow where you live you can use the mirror links below, but if possible use the Github releases page since it’s free.

RC8 was removed due to the GPU memory issue mentioned below.

Primary changes from rc9:

  • Prevent throttling when pi is seeing undervoltage
    • If you think your power wiring/supply might not be good enough, remove the avoid_warnings line in /boot/config.txt, and test your setup carefully on the ground, throttling is sometimes the only thing preventing the pi from crashing!
  • Fix GPU memory running out and preventing the camera from having enough memory to run the video stream
  • Fix home longitude appearing it latitude field in QOpenHD

Primary changes from rc8:

  • Fixes for Headplay goggles and a few other HDMI devices

  • Support for Pi4 8GB

  • Fixes for USB/IP cameras (see below)

  • Ability to set width/height/fps on IMX307 cameras

  • Increase in the available space for recording in memory

If you are using a single USB or IP camera, there were several small changes that should fix them in rc8. However if you have an older settings file you will need to set IsCamera1Enabled=1 in order to ensure that the ground side is aware that it should be listening for those video streams. You may also need to update the USBCamera line in the settings file, for example on Buster the omxh264enc element does not work and must be replaced with v4l2h264enc. USB cameras still use gstreamer at the moment, and gstreamer can be very tricky to get set up for a particular camera. If you need help just open a post here or ask us in Telegram, don’t bang your head on the table if it isn’t working quite right :slight_smile:


dear @stephen
honest greetings and respect
thanks alot for the great works
please i’m asking about haw i can instal this driver to open hd image ?
camera driver info

wget -O
chmod +x
./ -p kernel_driver

thanks a lot in advance