Open HD 4G LTE Problem

LTE stick is a Huawei e3372h.
I meet a problem when I using 4G LTE in Open HD system.
I had did some steps before plug stick in Air Pi 4B.But my Air pi still meets some problem.


Coundn’t see my air pi.

You must also have an openhd compatible WiFi card plugged into the airpi. The lte stuff was not setup to run all by itself yet. Keep in mind that having lte and a WiFi card plugged into an airpi, puts significantly higher power requirements on the airpi

You also might educate yourself on some zerotier commands and run those commands on the airpi to see what the status of zerotier is… All of that stuff was pretty rough and experimental

How if LTE / e3372 support today? This device works beautifully for Disco4G

nothing has changed…