Open HD not Booting on Zero 2 W

thanx for your reply.

Air side is running great.

the problem for me is that I also tried zero 2 for the ground unit. That doesn’t seem to work well atm.
of course with proper power supply.

I found that while it was possible to get the Zero 2 working as a ground station, it didn’t work well or reliably. I expect it’s simply lack of RAM for the application when in ground station mode. I currently use a Pi3B+ for that purpose, which is only marginally faster in computing performance, but has 1GB vs 512MB. That’s most likely the primary critical difference between the two boards.

I would stick to using the Zero 2 as the air end and just use something else on the ground.

Hi, this work around works for raspberry pi camera but unfortunately does not work for me with VEYE mipi camera. Has anybody tried to use VEYE with PI Zero 2 ?

So did anyone fix the 2.0.12B or can we only use 2.0.8 for now?

Also do I need to have the same FW on Air and GND? (EDIT: Yes different FW are working together!)

My PI Zero 2 W is working now:

  1. Fresh flash of 2.0.8
  2. copy and replace all files from here

Hi David,

I have mine running on 2.0.12b.
There are files above that Steve Fox posted for using 2.0.12b.

Should it work now as air pi, no issues?

Ok works. Flashed fresh then put this files

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