OpenHD 2.0.0rc14 released

This takes the place of rc12 (which was pulled), and rc13 which was for testing among a small group of users on Telegram.


  • Fix RC RSSI using Mavlink1 messages
  • PX4 flight mode support in old osd and qopenhd
  • Betaflight Mavlink support fixed in old osd and qopenhd
  • Seek thermal camera support
  • Reduced CPU use in QOpenHD
  • Fix LTM battery usage and RC RSSI support in QOpenHD
  • Remote shutdown/reboot for air and ground
  • Power sensor support for air and ground (INA219/LifepoweredPi boards for now)
  • IMX307 settings
  • Loads of bug fixes
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Thanks a lot!
Short question: are the release candidates in sync with the github repository?

You mean the tags? That’s where the version numbers come from yea.

Yes, thanks for the info.