OpenHD 2.0.0rc15 released

Primarily a bugfix release, but resolves some serious issues in rc14 including 2 freezes in the settings area of QOpenHD.

  • Update QOpenHD to 0.4.0b10
  • Fix horizon heading not visible unless ladder is
  • Fix power confirmation dialog freezing the app
  • Fix RC RSSI showing last value when messages stop
  • Fix incorrect telemetry mAh setting
  • Fix performance of status log scrolling
  • Fix OpenGL rendering issues/freezing
  • Fix license text font size
  • Fix wind widget setting panel size
  • Add HUD message outline
  • Add HUD message text color support (follows main text color setting)
  • Add outlines to widgets that used to have Glow applied
  • Replace VSI widget Canvas with OpenGL rendering
    • Should further reduce CPU use and improve video performance
  • Replace power confirmation prompt with consistent popup on all platforms
  • Internal changes
    • Hide example widget unless enabled at compile time
    • Blackbox and ADSB support are in the code now, but not enabled yet until we can test them further