OpenHD 2.0.0rc16 released

OpenHD 2.0rc16 is now available, this is going to be the last release candidate before 2.0.


  • QOpenHD has a settings file now, let the ground station boot at least once and then you can edit /boot/qopenhd.conf
  • Fixed the upper/lower bars in QOpenHD
  • Add detailed Mavlink telemetry stats in the lower right of the status panel
  • Automatically enable Mavlink telemetry messages on Ardupilot flight controllers (may work on PX4 as well)
    • You no longer need to edit Ardupilot’s SRx_EXTRA parameters like the OpenHD wiki says
  • Add a simpler speed widget
  • Fix openhdvid script
  • Add setting to force plain 802.11 data frames on Realtek cards (useful for 8814au)