OpenHD 2.0.0rc17 released

This is primarily a bugfix for a major issue in rc16 that caused the screen to remain black at boot.

  • Update QOpenHD to 0.4.0b12
    • Fix setting system preventing app from running properly on ground station
    • Fix speed widget airspeed/groundspeed settings
    • Add config file support for second speed widget
    • Fix restart prompt close button
  • Fix telemetry buffer sizes in old OSD and telemetry transmitter on airside (#363)
    • The one in the OSD was harmless, but the other was technically too small for some of the less common Mavlink messages
  • Fix debug log settings file path (#361)
    • Was always copying openhd-settings-1.txt even if one of the other profiles was enabled

Hi thanks, you said last release ! means there would not be RC18 or RC19 and only the final release 2.0.0 will come ?

Yes, very likely today.

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That’s really nice to hear