OpenHD as a peripheral device for ground station

Thinking conceptually here, and we are just getting started, is there a way to stream video from a ground Pi running OpenHD to another Pi running mission planner as in the attached sketch? I know that OpenHD can serve as the ground station itself; however, for now we’d like to just integrate video capabilities. Currently with our analog video system the feed is recognized as a USB webcam and overlain with HUD directly in the MP software. Can we achieve something similar using OpenHD? Scientist not an engineer, lol. Thanks!

Yes it’s possible to feed the video and telemetry to another computer running mission planner. You can use WiFi or better ethernet for that.
Another member of our telegram group did this exact thing lately.

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Very nice, thanks. Admittedly I had not read far enough into these sections of the documentation at the time of posting. My very rough understanding is that this could be accomplished with WiFi using gstreamer and a hotspot. I like the idea of ethernet though. Could you point me to a rough time frame for the posts on telegram about this subject?

Thanks again!