OpenHD Nose Mount For Skywalker 2015

(Made by Telegram user Forced_Induction)

Designed to hold a Raspberry Pi 3b+, a 3A voltage regulator, a Pi Cam v2, and an Alfa AWUS036NHA WiFi card.

  • #6 x 3/4" (x6) screws to hold the canopy to the base
  • M3 x 8mm (x2) with threaded inserts to mount camera to canopy
  • #2 x 1/2" (x2) to hold camera case halves together
  • #2 x 1/4" (x8) to hold pi and AWUS036NHA card in place
  • Hot glue to mount the regulator

Included is a camera front for the stock lens for the Pi Camera v2, and a threaded mount to allow use of M12 lenses.

Just unscrew the stock lens from the mount, remove the foam pad under the sensor, and glue the sensor to the board.

Design available on Thingiverse:


Nice, I want the 3d printed parts for my skywalkers, pls suggest if you can or suggest some cheap online website from where I can order.

Hi, can it accommodate ALFA AWUS036ACH which is dual band and has 500mW rf output power, this has dual antenna ?