OpenHD RC-Control system based on FrSky Taranis X9D

This build was meant as a solution to mount everything that is needed for OpenHD to the handheld Taranis X9D Transmitter.

All hardware is neatly contained in a custom milled aluminum enclose which also acts as a heat sink for the Raspberry’s CPU. The system still fits snugly into the Taranis transport case. The stock Taranis battery (NiMh) was replaced with two 25650 LiIon cells. Battery lasts for about 6h non-stop operation.

Pros: compact, robust, no cables, extended battery life

Cons: still external HD-Display / Goggles needed, USB-Port occupied by RPi (no USB-configuration of Taranis anymore),no telemetry on Taranis display (see issue #125)

Hardware used:

More pictures:


This is AWESOME! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Could the enclosure be 3D printed, and modified for a CPU heatsink to be exposed to the air? Milling metal isn’t cheap…


This is fantastic and I’m trying to do something similar with my Taranis X9D+ 2019 (but without the beautiful milled aluminium!) and have run into a problem with the USB port.
You don’t show a USB cable connecting to the Mini USB socket on the back of the Taranis X9D, but I guess you must use one, right?
How do you avoid the problem I am facing, where the Taranis X9D+ draws a lot of power from the USB port to charge its internal battery?
This creates a power loop, because the battery is what is used to power the PI’s USB port. Not good.
I tried soldering a mini USB cable directly to a PI USB port pads (without connecting +5V) but USB communication doesn’t work.

I solved this problem and got the USB to connect by connecting the red +5V USB signal via a 100R resistor to 5V on the PI. The resistor prevents the Taranis X9D+ battery charge circuit from drawing much power from the USB connection.