OpenHD Relay Setup - is it possible?

Hi all, and thanks for creating this forum.

I experimented with some of the original OpenHD versions a few years ago and am getting back to i now.

I want to drive a rover through a field on trails surrounded by dense foliage. My ground control station is on one edge of the field. I believe that the only way to get a reliable line of sight for the RF link to the rover is to place a transceiver above the field - possibly on a loitering drone. This aerial transceiver would “relay” the OpenHD signal to and from the rover to the ground station.

Has anyone tried to use the “Relay” feature in OpenHD? (I cannot get it work in the original EZ WiFi Broadcast system).



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Its been broken for a while. It will get attention eventually and be fixed…

Cool idea with relay! Maybe a power tethered drone?

I would likely test first with the relay mounted up on a tree. Of course the flying relay would be the most glamorous.

Thanks for your reply.