OpenHD stream to wireless VR Headset like Oculus

Hi ,
Recently was looking to make the shift from analog to digital when i saw noticed how DJI goggles are dominating the market with their goggles . While it looks great still the price seems quite high creating a high entry barrier for FPV hobbyists.
Few questions i had …

  1. I wanted to know how far is OpenHD from achieving what ExpressLRS has been able to accomplish today for Radio Link.

  2. Is there was some hardware that can be taken which gives a possible HDMI / USB-C which can be plugged in to standard monitors which can display the video with low latency ?

  3. VR goggles such as Oculus quest 1/2 are at a price point that people buy to play games . These also today support ways to connect to a PC ( wired / wireless ) to play PC games . Now if a basic hardware could output video which can plug into these goggles , we can use these headsets to fly FPV drones as well as to play VR games as originally intended .

Just seeking thoughts and answers on these as i still hav’nt dug to understand the OpenHD project status. This could be great if achieved with some hardware that can easily output video and retrofit to other existing googles / monitors