OSD overlay on Video recording and more

How do you get video recording with OSD overlay? After they flight I insert USB and I get video and raw telemetry separately. Do you put these two together later (how?) or just recording video in some different way?

  1. How do you get time set on GroundPI? Its about video/temeletry timestaps being off. I connect GroundPI to phone via USB tethering, but it doesn’t get synced. Should I install ntpd manually?

  2. Where can I look for documentation of OpenHD. I already know and use
    Home · OpenHD/Open.HD Wiki · GitHub
    and this forum.
    Are there any other sources?


On the pi with the current release its not possible to screen record. Most people are doing it by linking another device to the groundpi (like and android tablet/phone) then using screen record features on that device

I asked the same question in another topic, did you get any solution? i want to read the telemetry file and it shows garbage on notepad reader


Try to open that file by using MissionPlanner. If I remember correctly I was able to see some data this way.

hi, thanks for the reply. mission planner doesn’t recognise .raw format… anything specific that you suggest as in how to…



Sorry, it was a while ago when I played with that. If I remember correctly, I used something like Replay mission. Not sure which file from USB storage I was using. There should be few.

Does anyone know if the OpenHD on the ground pi uses the HW encoder to generate the OSD? if not, perhaps a way to record the video with OSD is to simply encode the output on HDMI port by encoding the frame buffer:
I tried this, but with no luck:
ffmpeg -f v4l2 -video_size 1920x1088 -i /dev/fb0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:v h264_omx -b:v 8M -f rtsp rtsp://