OSD Problems rc11


i’m using iNAV version 2.5.1 and the rc11 (Buster). The OSD is displayed, but i can’t change anything. I can’t change the position of the variables or the size. Furthermore I would like to use LTM instead of Mavlink. But when the system boots, I still see that MAVLINK is used.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your tips in advance!

Greetings Frank

If you’re using Buster then the OSD you’re using is called QOpenHD, it doesn’t have a config file in that release, you can connect a mouse temporarily to move and change things. A config file system was just added for it yesterday and will be in the next release this week.

Changing the telemetry type requires changing the setting at the top of osdconfig.txt at the moment, have you done that?

Yes, I change the settings at the top but still Mavlink appears.

changed on both air and ground?

Yes, on both and the flight controller.
How could I change the positions from the OSD Output? You write something about a mouse to move the items. With which program can I do this?

Connect a USB mouse to the ground station, works just like you’d expect :slight_smile:

You click and hold a widget to unlock it and move it around, click again to lock it in place. Single clicking most of the widgets brings up settings for them.

I think I know why LTM isn’t working, I’ll get it resolved this week.

I’ve loaded up the old OSD (rc15 stretch) now. That’s OK for now.
Thanks for your help.