Pi4 mini GS case

Hi all :slight_smile:

This is my OpenHD mini GS case.

I used:
Pi4 2GB
Alfa awus036ach 8812 card
5A dc/dc
1 extra USB Port powered directly from the dc/dc
XT30 port for all 2s - 6s batterys
30x30x7mm fan


excellent, I like it
I will do something similar or evn print it in 3d

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Looks very nice but left no headroom for mounding heat sink on back of the amplified wifi adapter.

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Thanks for sharing! Nice job!

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Thanks :blush:

Here some pic’s of the RTF setup:

very smart design !
What are the goggles you are using ?

These are yuneec skyview. Pretty good price/quality, can recommend.

Actually the case has one issue:
the 4th cover screw cannot be used rn.
It will short out the second sma connector. I just left it open for now… but maybe I add some material at the outside later to secure the cover properly.

I use my radio‘s battery xt30 connector to power the whole system. This has the nice side-effect that everything only needs 1 batt and the internal power monitoring of the q7x is in use. This setup has a 2h+ lifetime with a 2s 18650 but can also be powered with up to 3 individually batts (radio, r9m module and OpenHD system have individual batterie connectors)

Loving your 3d work, would you share the raw 3d files (step if possible) I would like to modify slightly for different wifi cards and perhaps add a hdmi to av option for goggles with analogue input.

very clean and compact setup! I like it!