Pi4 vs NVIDIA Jetson nano

I am just about to get involved and order my components.
But am I going to be better off with 2 Jetson nano’s or 2 Pi4’s?
I thought I read somewhere in the wiki that the Jetson has lower latency, but now I’m struggling to find where that is.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

The Jetson video encoders are more capable yes, one of the Jetson TX1/TX2 boards has been demonstrated to work as low as 40-50ms, and one of the other people working on this project did some testing with a Jetson Nano and saw ~59ms when using a phone that had very low decoding latency (both sides matter when you’re talking about a difference of 10s of milliseconds).

However even a pi4 can do pretty well and they’re cheap. At higher frame rates people have seen about 90ms with the pi on both sides, which is quite good even compared to something like a DJI Mavic.

If you’re looking for something to use immediately, get pi4 boards.

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Ah, ok, I did think it was something like that but thought I should check before committing to any solution.
I can get some Jetson’s in a few days, so I might just go with that, and then I should be a bit more future proofed

Just thought. If I want higher resolution than 1080, then can I still use a Pi4 as their website says they can handle 4K?

The h265 hardware block in the pi4 can decode 4k, but none of them can encode 4k (or h265 for that matter). That still makes the pi4 a good choice for the ground side.

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Ok cool, so it sounds like a Jetson for the airpi and a pi4 for the ground station should be optimal then?
Sorry for all of the questions, I just want the best options to really get to work with all of this!

Ah, can’t believe I’ve misread what you mean! I thought the Jetson was already supported as it was mentioned as having lower latency in the wiki! Thanks @stephen, I’ll stick with pi 4’s

It’s supported in OpenHD 2.1 which is close to release, I’m testing it on a Jetson right now.

There’s some stuff about newer boards in the wiki because there was no way to separate the pages by version without making a duplicated mess all over, but the documentation Jelle is working on has versions and should be more clear.

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