Picam V2 configuration

I am flying with pi3a+/asusac53 & picam V2 8MP
with openhd 2.0.0 I got the following as standard from zip file
EXTRAPARAMS="-cd H264 -n -fl -ih -pf high -if both -ex sports -mm average -awb horizon"

the picture is not very good (bad contrast)
I am looking for experience in extraparams (exemple or detailled definition)


Sorry to say that the v1 and v2 pi cams dont improve mucg by changing the params. I would get a better camera…

thanks perfectly understood. I am working on a stepup for firefly split 4k with a very good support from Norbert.

I need another configuration with less components (firefly is excellent but needs hdmi-csi and more wiring), therefore I have a remote question :
can I configure on airside 4 differents setups for picam V2 using the gpio for config1, 2, 3 & 4 on AirPi or GroundPi ?
I hope I am clear and appreciate your support


You can have 4 different setups on ground, controlled by GPIO, and make a smartsync every boot. The AirPi is going to use the same settings-1 file every boot regardless of GPIO state thought.
But these things are going to change a lot in 3.0 release.