Please consider supporting iMX6 computer from 3DR Solo because:

The onboard iMX6 computer and controller can easily be repurposed av video link.
It has serial a port, two USB ports, HDMI-in and miniPCI-e, some GPIO
The miniPCI-E accommodate proper modules like MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: R11e-2HnD 800mW dual antenna, or even more powerful R11e-2HPnD


The solo controller (groundstation) uses similar hardware, has joysticks, and HDMI out.

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Very nice! Sure we’ll take a look :slight_smile:

OpenHD 2.1 should run on basically anything with minimal changes.

this would be indeed a great application!
the Solo’s iMX6 has a HDMI input so I would think this should allow one to avoid the CSI-HDMI converter thing …
isn’t it 2.4GHz however?
the wifi module is replaceable, maybe a 5GHz version could be identified (the Mikrotik R11e-2HND was once suggested as a replacement for more power, maybe there is something like this)

Yes, the stock radio is 2.4Ghz, - like 3DR Solo. in both the controller and the companion-computer inside a Solo.
I see no reason for it not being compatible with any miniPCI-e network adapter - as long as kernel supports it.

FWIW, I tested some small helical antennas on the controller, with upgraded 2HnD radios, and flew >4km with good link.

there seem to be “plenty” of miniPCI-e 5GHz cards below 20Eur, at least google give some … I think the question rather is which one can actually be used, e.g. to me it seems drivers is often a problem …

Ordered one earlier :slight_smile:

How did this go? Are we anywhere near a IMX6 build?