Power consumption compared to traditional FPV equipment?

Hi there, I’m pretty new to RC in general, but have a strong focus on Open Source software and hardware. In the long run I hope to create a mapping drone for long range missions :slight_smile:
For that reason, I ask myself, how the OpenHD currently performs against analog video transmission and LRS RC controls? As youtube demovideos show, it’s possible to reach ~10kms range and the lag is pretty ok for wings.

But I ask myself, how a RPI zero / 3b with max. power Wifi adapter will consume a similar energy level, as a analog video system with for example ExpressLRS RC? Of course, you save also weight, if you don’t need a separate GoPro to record HD footage, but how good does it work on battery?

Is here anybody which moved from Analogue / DJI and can share some impressions?