Powering air Wifi stick

About the Air PI, Is it better to power the wifi card from PP1, PP6 pads on the bottom, or from the 5v and GND in the GPIO holes?

I ask because the pictures show soldering to the bottom, but this picture says in the caption the using GPIO is better.

Is the caption correct?

extra info:
Air unit is pi-zero, connecting to the “blue stick” from AliExpress AR9271 150M wireless network card module High power usb wireless network card Wifi receiver super long distance|Replacement Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress

Hi Mate, you can take it as it is read. Powering via the micro usb will work but there will be a lower possibility for problems if you power via gpio. If you scroll up the page a little it tells you the options. Best to aim for c4 if possible and you are less likely to have problems.

Those AR9271 sticks output way more than the 500mw that the sellers list them as, they have been tested outputting 800-1000mw :slight_smile: