Powering down air and ground

to switch off air & ground I use the mouse and menus in qgroundcontrol to do so.

Do you know if there is another way (gpio pins…) ?

The reason of this request is because apprently raspberry is sensitive to power down voltage


If you get some Samsung Evo SD cards you should be able to yank the power whenever you want without problems, it’s generally some Sandisk and generic cards that have issues on the pi (even though they may not have issues on other devices).

To your question though yes we can add GPIO power control with a dedicated pin, we just need to be careful about stuff like that because there have been quite a few people who discovered their GPIO pins either weren’t working right or were pulled high/low all the time, and you wouldn’t want a problem like that to show up in the middle of flight and have something shut off.

better to follow your advise