PPM input for RC over OpenHD

Hi, I’d like to use the expansion bay of my Taranis X9D as the interface to the OpenHD ground station for RC control. This bay provides power and a PPM signal. Is it possible for OpenHD to accept this PPM signal or can only the USB interface be used to receive RC control signals?


you could try a ppm to usb converter off ebay or make one

I use the project above on my old 9X transmitter for sims on the PC. I have not tried it on OpenHD but it does appear as a HID so it should work.

Sorry I gave you the wrong information I just had to repair my ppm to usb and found that the link I posted is not the one I used
this one GitHub - wireless-rc-adapter/wireless-rc-adapter: 🎮 Arduino USB-Joystick adapter for RC receivers with PWM and PPM modulations up to 8 channels. works really well


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Yes, this works great. I got it to work with PWM instead of the PPM, with an Arduino ProMicro and the RX.

Since I’m trying to use OpenHD for a rover, I wanted to have a car “pistol” transmitter instead of a stick radio.

My only problem is ch5 is a default button for gamepad config and it seems buttons do not work for the OpenHD.