Prototip openhd AIR pi zero on hydrofoil

AIR pi zero ,rf rt3070 2000mw,cam rpi 2.1
This is the prototype of my openhd for the hydrofoil.
The waterproof box must come from China.
Check the operating distance as soon as possible. Hopefully at least 1-2 km


Nice build! Can you share some pictures of the hydrofoil itself?

17 year old girl

GND : pi3a+,rf rtl3070 2000mw,powerbank
On the beach.
6m telescopic fiberglass rod. At tip rtl3070, at the bottom pi3a +

Please share some video when its all done!! Cool idea!

During charging, pi0 switches on again
it would take a pin of gpio for the shutdown in recharge

Problems during first ground test.
When we arrived at the site, the free channels were unknown. After 150 meters the video stopped. Need qopenhd could have a free channel monitor screens. So as to choose the best channel.

RT3070 1000mW cinese for ground “openhd”

The waterproof box for pi0 will arrive at the end of August.

almost final