Rasperry Pi Zero W with USB 3G / 4G Dongle

Hello All,

I have been thinking about getting into openHD as I’ve been with analogue FPV for a while now. I want to understand if I can have a raspberry Pi Zero W, camera, 4G/3G dongle in the air (power via the FC and with Mavlink Telem) and then I can view the video feed and telemetry on a ground station that has internet access - for example a windows machine running mission planner.

My understanding is that I need a ground station Pi for this but I’m not sure why as surely the windows machines can be the ‘ground Pi’. Also, I’m unsure how to get it working using a 4G/3G dongle.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


the 4g/3g stuff right now is proof of concept. Its pretty basic with only video and has not received much attention.

You need a pi ground station because the os has patched wifi drivers that allow the special transmission of the system. In the future this will change with the yet to be released openhd 3.0 which Stephen is working on.