RC Car-Race, 3 Cams each Car

Hi there,
you can call me Dorian or Maybe. :wink:
I want to create a Race Track, with at Least 2-4 Cars driving at the same time. Racing.
For each Car, I want at least 2-3 Screens/Cams for a nice View. The Reciever is beside the Track.
So there is a Short Distance to the Reciever. With OpenHD 2.1, I can integrate easily the three Cams to one Signal. And give it out to the System with three Screen`s before/around me and my steering wheel/Pedals. I took this from this Postings:
“Is it possible to use 2 cameras and stream 2 videos?​
Yes, 2.0 is designed around the idea of a main raspberry pi camera and then a 2nd camera that can be basically anything, a FLIR thermal camera, an IP camera, etc. The setup is a little tricky but you can ask for help if you need to.
In 2.1 it will be automatic, just connect your cameras and they’ll work.”
“I think real world testing the most anyone has done is 2 openhd systems running next to each other on the same band. They had good results and from what I remember they did not even seperate frequencies very much.
I think you can run several non-overlapping freqs at short range. If you start going further range then you will need more space between freqs.”

So I could use 2 Raspberrys(4Hdmi) or 1 Raspb&Laptop(3Hdmi) with two usb Asus Wifi usb …; to receive the Signal and deliver the 3 Cams out with Hdmi.

Am I right so far? Can I do it this way? Did you People get everything? xD

And by the way:
I thought, I would connect the Sender manually to the electric of the PC Steering Wheel/GasPedals.
But now, I think, I could install it on the Raspbian and Control the Car with the OPENHD 2.1, with the steering wheel? Maybe I read to much this day. I will look into it, another day.

Great Thanks for OPENHD,
it seems to me, you made my Dream of RC Racing possible and affordable!!
Thanks so much for this tool, and the big knowledge, I think I earned reading here.

I `ve noticed, that there are many possiple Computers on the market.

Like this one: Orange Pi 4 4GB DDR4 + 16G EMMC Rockchip RK3399, or others.
or Orange Pi Zero2, RK3399 NanoPi M4V2 WiFi Dual Kamera, Nvidia Jetson.

I can`t understand which Power is needed for good encoding in HD, or in 4k.
For best Decoding on AirPi, what is important?
The GPU ist most important?

Its sometimes written about multi Gpu, mali and such things.
Is this worse a try, or like old onboard grafik on motherboards.
Is there no way arround a jetson?

How much Ram is needed for 4k encoding, or usb cams?
Has someone possibly, already made some experiences with this new Systems?

Thanks, and my best Regards.


So I ordered a Victure AC920 ActionCamera 4k60fps and 1080p120fps,
it works fine as Web Cam so Far. :slight_smile:

and a 360 Xiaomi Sphere Cam 73xx,35xx and 20xxp; both? @60fps.

I will start to reconfigure my raspb 4B 2Gb, and give it a try.
Thinking about buying a U3 Micro SD, or using a SSD. Weight is not that a Problem for a Car.
But more important is the question, which way the Raspb can work @ max Speed.

At the Base, I plan to use a Laptop. With Emulation, when needed.

I have the Plan to start and learn with OpenHD 3.0. Maybe it is also necessary, cause of My USB Cam-Configuration.

In the Moment is my Plan to use 3 Cams on Ice. I have to find out first, what each System can handle, with usb. So far I´ve seen here, it is not clear; if OpenHD can surepass the CSI Protokoll or whatever, with usb? Latency is for my Projekt really important. And CSI seems more interesting for fpv and long Distances, but it is also in the moment the best latency freeway, I think.

Cause of the new fast 4k ActionCams, I am thinking about Orange Pi.
With the many OrangePis, … I have to find out first, what are the Problems of the 4B, I have?
Then, I have the hope to buy something cheaper than a Jetson. Cause Racing has many Cars! :smiley:

I plan to Upload my Results as “Thank You” to the Community.
When I get it done, there is much to do! Like Building a Racing Circle. XD

Thanks so far