Receive sensitivity

Hi, all the adapters are listed according to transmit power … none show sensitivity … I have used many cards including 722v1 and awus036AC and awus036NHA but all video feed dies after the reception falls below -92dbm… but I have seen all long range setups to go beyond -96Dbm… now is that adapter specific or any setting in openHD ?
I have done 10 km and dying to do 20… please help anyone who can

Better antenna will get you farther…

Thank you for your reply, I understand, but my question is regarding the inherent sensitivity of the adapter itself… like microphones… some may be more sensitive than others… i have seen some adapters list sensitivity say -90dbm for 802.11a for 6MBps, wondering if such data is available to pick one low power adapter with better sensitivity only for Rx.