Replace Dipole Antenna on Dongle?

I’ve found this non-branded rtl8812au wifi dongle on Aliexpress, and it works well on OpenHD.
No brand RTL8812au Adapter (make sure you click the RTL8812au adapter option)

If you de-case it, the single main board is actually very light. But as you can see, the stock dipole antenna weighs more than the board.

My question is:
Can I replace this dipole antenna with a lightweight 5.8GHz FPV cloverleaf-type antenna? Finding a FPV-type antenna with the proper RP-SMA connector is not a problem. However, how do I know if the stock dipole antenna is a 2.4GHz or a 5.8GHz antenna since this adapter is supposed to be a dual band adapter?
I also note that there is a printed type antenna on the main board. During my OpenHD testing, if I remove the stock dipole antenna, the system continues to work, but the range is significantly shortened.

Shall I just get a FPV-type antenna and try it out?