Root file system rw

in the EZ-Wifibroadcast images, the root file system was mounted RO. Now I saw in the OpenHD release candidates, it is mounted RW.
Is this just in the release candidate images and will be changed later?


Yep this is intentional, /boot is still read-only because it’s not a journaling filesystem and sudden power loss really could corrupt the filesystem and stop it from booting.

However the root filesystem needs to be read-write for a variety of reasons, and it’s a journaling filesystem so it’s not at risk of the same kinds of problems that /boot is.

In practice the primary cause of SD card problems is either the power supply or using poorly made SD cards (the fact that it’s hard to verify that a particular card isn’t counterfeit makes that problem even worse), and marking the root filesystem read-only can’t solve either of those.