Save Timelaps Air side


I’m trying to modify openhdvid python script adding the possibility to take picture every X seconds on 2.0.8 version.

The script works well when I test it manually, but doesn’t start at boot. I can’t find any logs.

The modified script if someone would try and tells me what’s wrong
It also optimise the resize of video in case of air record.

You have to add this text in the EXTRAPARAMS in the file openhd-settings-1.txt
“–timelaps /home/pi/timelaps.jpeg -wtl 2048 -htl 1088 -stl 1”
with timelaps the path to save images
wtl : width of images
htl : height of images
stl : time in seconds between each images

You also have to activate ENABLE_OPENHDVID=Y
You should also have to increase GPU memory in /boot/config.txt file


OK, I found what’s wrong.
The file was coded on windows with cr/lf end of lines

I’ll create a pull request