Scrcpy control android phone Filming?

Is it possible us Scrcpy or similar remote desktop technology, to control a android phone on the air(connection airpi by usb/adb) ,
So that we can use the newest smartphones camera technology,
Monitor and modify settings through app native gui
To take high-quality videos and photos.
Should be cool :slight_smile:
(8k video, 10x optical zoom, multiple lens switching, night shooting,… many possibilities)

If you are after using an android phone as camera on the air, have a look at:

Thanks for reply
But what I want to do is control the android phone remotely.
Use the camera’s origin APP or Google Camera / Opencamera ,…
to Record videos or take photos on your mobile phone.
I think a difference between DIY drones and commercial product,
Is difficult to Execute random photography tasks on the air instantly.
Directly controls the phone’s GUI can significantly improve this problem.
scrcpy can use usb to send phone screen streaming to the ground,
(or maby hdmi csi? )
But I can’t think of a way to transmit the touch/mouse signal to the air…
( Sorry for my weird english … orz )

Are you saying:
I want to have an app on the ground like a normal “camera app” that controlls the air pi camera ?

No,for example
On a smartphone( like LG V30)
You can choose the original camera app, or opencamera GCAM …
The original camera app can get the best compatibility and general functions,or some Special functions designed for this camera module.
Open camera can use advanced functions such as manual ISO and shutter control or time-lapse photography …
GCAM can take the best quality HDR photos and low-light photography.
None of these can be done by one simply camera app.
Or even if we get a normal camera app can controols air pi camera, it is not very helpful for photography quality and playability.
So I think it will be a very useful function if you can directly control a smartphone remotely .