Share My diy : raspberry Pi HD RX all in one

Hi all
here is my diy HD video reciver , hope you like this video .



very integrated
what is the screen reference please


Very nice build! I like the switches and the battery tester

That’s awesome! Would you be willing to list the components of your ground station? Great job by the way!

this LCD made in china and it had led backlight , brightness . I tested it , 891 cd/dm2
its 1920*1200

compare to ipad air3

thank you .

yes ,I put 3s 21700 battery inside, which is 5000 mah , It work almost 2 hours from 4.2 v till 3.0V

sure , here is the link which I bought them, BUT these are all in which is made in china .

Raspberry pi hd video receiver all inone list
high brightness LCD : N80
they also sell the drive board for this LCD and including the lcd cables

sorry I am a new user here , so I only can put 2 links here .
and no access to upload a txt file which include all links

Nice picture. Is it IP camera?

NO, IT‘S HAWK EYE ,hdmi OUTPUT then transfer to csi

You mean HAWK EYE firefly split 4k?


Awesome work :+1:
Groundstation and plane both look well made.