Single IP cam : no video recording, no screenshots, no smartphone streaming

My setup is RPi2B both Air and Ground, 2.02 Stretch. All works fine with RPi cam.

Then I connect XM530 IP Cam (very close to Hi3516) in H264 1280x800, 4Mbps, do all the settings for for a single IP camera in “USB/IP Cam” Wiki and get crystal clear picture (but with huge ~800 ms latency). But : no video streaming to FPV_VR (telemetry and stats still works), empty Cap and Screenshot folders on USB stick (telemetry and stats exists).

What is wrong ?

The latency sounds like it’s coming from the camera itself, but the rest are software problems.

I don’t think IP camera streams were ever wired up for recording, but it should definitely be streaming to FPV_VR, it may be on port 5601 though.

All of that stuff is being replaced at the moment because of how oddly it was written.

Thank you, I’ll try it.

Latency looks RPi related because I get less then 200 ms on the same cam using GStreamer on Windows or Linux, while cam is connected to LAN WiFi router. But not on Raspbian Gstreamer, it is more then 500 ms.