Single USB camera setup fails to work on 2.01

I have installed 2.01 (buster) on two PI4s and it works fine with the new high quality PI cam, but when I switch configurations to use a single USB camera (installs air.txt on the air PI, and a Logitech C920), I never get any video. The camera is streaming H264, as I tested it independently, and the active light comes on as expected, however the ground PI never displays any video. I suspect the ground PI is not configured correctly and is connected to the stream on the specified port. Has anyone else gotten this to work on 2.01 ? The gstreamer pipeline is correct as I checked it with another PI connected with the C920 and it works fine. I am using this camera as a test, as I intend to use a USB-based thermal imaging camera in the final application, however it should work with the webcam first as a test. Please help!