Siyi A2 mini and openhd?

Hello! Has anyone tried to use siyi A2 mini camera with openhd? Would be suitable for my project with ip-rating. It says on manual that its video output is Ethernet so I am guessing it would be possible?

In general you can connect Ip cameras, but in the end the result is quite bad.
HDMI in all SIYI cameras I’ve seen was not implemented right, so that you can not reduce the resolution or framerate. Even 720p60 signals will be 1080p60 which the pi can not work with. (they send a 1080p signal and just paint the rest black).

In Ethernet-Mode these cameras do not support any bitrate-changes or have support for different keyframe intervals.

Siyi doesn’t want to change anything in their software, so we are limited to what it can do. Meaning, if you have a keyframe lost (which can happen easily) you get 3seconds without any video. And long range is not possible because the bitrate is locked.