Small, inexpensive, short range wifi card, ANEWKODI?

I’m looking for a small, inexpensive, short range wifi card for 5.8 for a microquad and thought I’d give this Anewkodi adapter a try (has a 8812au chip). Well, the camera picture works fine (even out to around 400 ft, which is the farthest I’ve walked), but no telemetry, no signal strength (just stays at preconnection -126 value), no airpi %/temp, the only thing coming back to QOpenHD or my goggles is video bitrate and the number of lost/damaged blocks. If I switch and put the AC56 back on the airpi, all telemetry, everything works which leads me to believe the settings are ok, and that it’s something with the card. So, is it just too much to expect from such a little thing, or is the combination of this on the air side and AC56 on ground just not compatible? Any other little adapters that can be recommended?


I would bet it actually has an 8811 or 8814 chip inside, easy way to tell would be to run lsusb on linux while it’s connected.

You mean Amazon possibly lied to me :astonished: " The Latest Chip - RTL8812AU 802.11AC with the RTL8812AU Chip"
I’m not much of a computer person, so that linux check is beyond me. Would opening it up and reading the chip be a possibility? Any other small cards that work? I know you had a picture of a couple of sleeping baby wifis a while back. Thanks,

If it’s actually an 8811/8814 it will work as soon as I fix the 8814 bug.

The other card was a Ralink 5370/5390 inside, they work with the exception of openhd rc, but that too can be fixed pretty easily.

I opened it up, you were correct, 8811au inside.

So does the card work now? Is it recommended?