Stereo pi (cm3+)


Can someone give me advice on how to use open HD with an CM3+ in combination with a stereo pi io board?

I have 2 CSI camera’s connected. Open HD doesnt recognise them and boots as an ground station. Same with only one camera connected. When i add the air.txt the pi thinks there is a usb camera (there isnt) but no official camera.

With the stereo pi image (S.L.P. Raspbian image) on the CM3 both camera’s are working as expected.


Greetings Bas van den Berg

Hi :slight_smile:

You’ll have to grab the dt-blob.bin file from the stereopi wiki, unzip it and place the file in the /boot or OPENHD partition where the openhd-settings-1.txt file is located.

I think we can just start including that file in our images for now, there aren’t that many compute module carriers and even fewer that would be useful on a drone, I only know of 2 at the moment.

Works like a charm :+1:


Only thing i am struggeling with now is to enable both camera streams. Is this possible at this time?

Sure, put -3d sbs in the EXTRAPARAMS line in openhd-settings-1.txt

You made my day!
It works, thank you.