Stereoscopic video using a Jetson Nano and Arducam 2MP*2 Stereo Camera

I recently became interested in HD FPV again so I started looking around for interesting gear. That’s when I thought about whether it would be possible to use a Wisecoco dual 1440x1440 VR LCD Display from AliExpress that I just bought for VR tinkering, for 3D FPV.

I started looking around for possible cameras and came across a whole range of possible cameras the Arducam sells for use with the Jetson Nano and Xavier and Raspberry Pi. There’s a wide range of resolutions to choose from, but because the video encoding capabilities of the Raspberry Pis are weak, that leaves only the Jetson Nano as a possible choice.

After some calculation, I found out that 1440x1440 is the same as 1920x1080. The Jetson Nano is capable of encoding twice this resolution (two displays) at 60fps. The Jetson Nano dev kit weighs 138 grams, which isn’t light, but can certainly be carried by a reasonably sized drone.

The VR display kit requires a DisplayPort signal, which also eliminates the Raspberry Pi, without even taking into account the Pi’s decoding capabilities. That would mean two Nanos would be needed for a setup. Not cheap, but 3D FPV is not that common.

Let me know what you guys think. Is this worth building?


The VR Display: 2.9" inch 120HZ 2K1440x1440 VR AR LCD Display Panel IPS 120Hz Controller Board|Tablet LCDs & Panels| - AliExpress