Telemetry, no Telemetry on similar setups

I’ve been flying similar OpenHD setups on both a wing and a 5" quad with the V2.0 RC1.2 version. I have picture and telemetry on a screen OSD, or Fatshark goggles while I fly, and I’ve also been using the latest QOpenHD. All was/is working and behaving nicely, except, I just noticed as I was trying to trouble shoot, I do not get Voice in QOpenHD with the Quad, but do with the wing. I thought that might work it’s way out when I upgraded to RC7.
Well, I finally got another couple of SD cards so I could try RC7 (and still keep the V2.0 RC1.2 as a working backup). The wing setup all works perfectly, OSD, QOpenHD, picture, telemetry and voice (thank you developers!!!). The Quad however does not get telemetry on either the OSD or the QOpendHD, and no Voice, picture is good though. Still, when I pop the V2.0 RC1.2 cards back in, all works as before.
So, I’m scratching my head on how to trouble shoot this. The only differences between the wing and quad setups is, INAV and a Alfa TubeU adapter on the wing and Betaflight and the AWNU137 adapter on the Quad. Otherwise Pi0 in the air, Pi3b+, 722 and Ubiquiti adapters on the ground.
Any thoughts on what to look into?

Are you using mavlink for both or is one of them LTM?

Both mavlink. I do use the Frsky R9mm on both. Telemetry does still come across on my Taranis X9D screen no problem.