Test setup without cam attached

Is there a way to force a pi to always be the air unit?

Im waiting on my camera to come in still, but am testing the rc7 software with 2 pi4 units, qopenhd, wiring tests, etc…

I have ground pi working and connecting, displaying hdmi to monitor fine, stream shows cpu usage.

I cant however get the other unit to connect as air without a camera? Is there a setting somewhere? This unit will always be air from now on.


Scratch that, found on rcgroups.

For reference on discuss page.

Added simple air.txt file to the root fat32 directory. Blank txt file. Thats it.

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Yep at the moment that’s the way to do it :slight_smile:

Works for me. Any thoughts on the progress of qopenhd being stable for flight? Im in no hurry, just curious.

For pi4, its my only app osd option, correct?

It’s basically stable, the reason that message is shown is that several months ago there was a bug in gstreamer that caused jitter in the video, but there has been a workaround in place for a while now, and gstreamer is being removed and replaced with native video decoding everywhere anyway.

Yep it’s the only option on pi4.

Oh, sweet.

I love the app, way easy, osd looks good. Nicely done.