TP-WN722N not working after removing USB plug

Hi. Hello to everybody. I’m starting my way with OHD :-).
After (careful) removing USB plugs from TP-WN722N it stopped to work. I did it two times (2 different WiFi cards) with exactly same same result. Is there any protection on Raspberry Pi Zero or TP-Link side that prevents things working when no USB connector is used? Or it is just me bricked 2 units? Checked wiring several time - no idea what I have did wrong …

Can you look at wiring on the picture below and give me some advise?

Can you plug in a monitor to the pi zero and record that startup so we can see what is happening?

I will, but in both cases the LED on TP-link simply didn’t started to light, so I expect it is physical problem. It lights while TP-Link was plugged on USB connector.

[SOLVED] Yes, it was “physical” - data cables was to thin, so voltage dropped too much :-).

That is great to know, thanks for updating and glad you could solve it!

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