Trigger taking pictures from the ground

Hi folks!

I wonder what are the options of taking still images in the AirPi? Can’t find the info on wiki.

I want to take an image by toggling keys on my radio say on a dedicated channel which will be received by the radion RX and then either send to one of the GPIOs directly or via Pixhawk. In anyway this will be a PWM signal. There are dedicated PWM ports on the pi which can process PWM signal.

So what options do I have?

As far as I know there is variable that you can set in the configuration which will make the ground pi take a screenshot with telemetry on a periodic time.

See Software ~ Advanced ~ Ground Recording · OpenHD/Open.HD Wiki · GitHub

This is planned for 2.1 and 2.2, the new camera service will let you trigger picture taking for the cameras connected to the air pi, and someone else asked for the existing GPIO service to support PWM rather than just on/off. Those will both support RC triggering as well as touch on the screen.


Good to know that it is in the pipe. I am interested in a clean picture without any telemetry and that it is taken in the AirPi side for the best quality. The new Pi HQ camera is something I am looking into (see a separate thread) using in the near future if it is good enough and use it as a "camera rig. Therefore for the best quality the image has to be taken on the AirPi side. I hope Stephen you can consider this when in the camera service.

That sounds great! But whats the gpio way? Wluld be good to have that and also with exif data. Just found the tixjetregatding that feature.