Uplink GndPi->AirPi

Hi @all,

I’ve just started to read about openHD. I don’t find any information about the exact WiFi utilization on the Air and Gnd Pi…
If I don’t setup an RC Link: Is there any need for similar high power WiFi cards on the GroundPi? Is there any uplink or is the video stream plus telemetry broadcasted w/o any control from the GroundPi?
If this assumption is correct, there should be a setup possible using a 5.8G WiFi (RTL8812AU) card plus an additional 5.8G analog VTX on a separated frequency in the same time… I don’t find any examples jet…

Is there any need for a multiple stream setup using 2 antennas on the AirPi (Tabaco card have 2 similar looking HF paths)? It is possible to manually control the antenna diversity - so the card never tries to use the wrong path?

Is it possible to archive the same quality / data rates with a Pi Zero (HDMI-CSI) like a 3A+ beside latency and boot disadvantages?

Thanks, Jan