USB hub for Pi 3a+

Can I use a usb hub to add extra USB ports to my Pi 3a+, it only has one USB.

Do I need to install anything or change any settings on the pi?


Something like this?

You can and there’s no setting change required, but between the 3a+ and the hub it will probably be larger and weigh more than a 3b+.

There’s also the issue of extra connectors potentially coming loose, and the extra connections affecting the power delivered to the wifi cards (the power lines often need to be wired directly anyway though).

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Thanks Stephen, I’ll give it a try.

I gave it try but the hub didn’t work on the pi3a+, or at least the cards plugged into the hub didn’t show up when starting openhd (ground). I tried the same setup except with a pi3b+ and the hub worked and the cards were recognised. It wasn’t to save weight, just to fit it in a bit easier. It’s not a problem because the 3b+ did just about fit in the end anyway, just reporting back what I found.