USB RC Support for FlySky-i6


I was trying to setup usb RC control over openHD using a simulator cable from my flysky i6 to the ground pi. I had no luck and was wondering anyone else had any luck with a similar configuration. If this is not supported, no worries I will get another USB controller.


It should work, but you may need to turn on student or trainer mode in the menus in the TX to enable the PPM output. You may have to turn on student mode anyway as that stops the FlySky radio from transmitting (which you don’t want as it will interfere with OpenHD video).

I didn’t like or trust those simulator cables though, so I put a Teensy inside and soldered it to the PPM and GND pads on the board. Then I routed the USB cable out the back, and as a bonus now it’s technically “native” USB.

Wow, great use of that microcontroller. I’ve got a few pro-micros laying around I might give this a shot. Thanks, @stephen very helpful, as usual.

As a quick follow up, do you have a quick way to see the USB output from the controller to the OSD without needing the flight controller all hooked up? I assume that is what the throttle widget does but just wanted to make sure that it is coming from openHD and not mavlink from the FC. Thanks!

The throttle widget info does come from the flight controller, because some people don’t use OpenHD RC.

If you want to see if the USB data is actually being sent by your TX, you can connect it to any linux system and run “jstest /dev/input/js0” (might have to “sudo apt install joystick” first). You can see the same thing on Windows with the joystick tester (open start and type joystick, see if it comes up).

And this website might work anywhere too:

Thanks Stephen, I’ll try it out!

@stephen for the output, do you have to configure it as an HID controller? Let me know if you know of any good tutorials I can read up on. Thanks!

You mean the teensy? I can get you my sketch if you need it, all you have to do is set the teensy USB mode properly in the Arduino IDE. There is however a weird way you have to enable additional axis in teensy’s joystick thing, you have to manually edit a file for some reason. I’ll put together instructions and upload the sketch here tonight.

The sketch would be very helpful! Currently, I’m not able to read any PPM output from the FlySky to my pro-micro (basically the same as a teensy). I think it has something to do with my code, though. Following a few different example sketches. Will take a look at yours whenever you get a chance to upload. Thanks!

Sorry for pinging this older thread, but I was on the Telegram earlier today when you mentioned this mod. Can you give details about your code and what Teensy model you have?

Here you go :slight_smile:


Can confirm this works wonderfully with FS i6 + Teensy 3.2. It’s remarkably better than the sim cable

Can also confirm, works great with the TeensyLC version as well! Thanks @stephen, you are awesome!

I’m using the Flysky FS-SM100 USB cable to connect my Flysky FS-i6 radio with the ground pi. But the output of the air pi does not give me a full scale value (100% = 2000). I’ve connected the air pi to a Matek F405 CTR flight controller using iNav. I’m receiving RC commands which I can see in iNav configurator. But – as mentioned – I can’t reach full scale. 100% throttle will give me just a value of approx. 1500. Far away from 2000. Does one use the Flysky FS-SM100 USB cable?

I used to use the SM-100 cable, but it’s very, very bad. Not calibrated at all.

the output of the air pi does not give me a full scale value

I had the exact same issue, and using a Teensy (as mentioned above) fixed the problem.

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I’ll proceed with my new Taranis Q X7S instead of the good old FlySky FS-i6, see Connect FrSky Taranis Q X7S - #4 by pDR8iLQ4go