Using a 60 foot long powered USB cable

Hi all. I bought this 60ft long powered USB cable and used it to remote mount my WiFi card:
Pasow USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Extension Cable USB Active Repeater Cord with Built-in Signal Booster for Printer, Keyboard, Game Console, Loudspeaker, Oculus Rift, scanners(60 Feet with Led Light)

The goal was to get better reception, as I’m planning on eventually mounting the WiFi card up on the roof of my house.

So far I’ve used it three times with my Traxxas Emaxx, with the WiFi card with stock rubber duck antenna, and also experimented with a 8Db patch antenna, with the WiFi card just taped to the back of a folding chair. So needless to say, the reception wasn’t much better than my “normal” setupcwotbo the 60ft long cable. But I was encouraged that it did still work, with no observable issues/drawbacks.

Has anyone else experimented with something like this? Does anybody have any advice/warnings/recommendations for me?

Btw I’m super excited we have our own forum! This is AWESOME, and waaaaay better than RcGroups or Telegram (for me, anyway).


I’d be a little worried about some of the more power hungry wifi cards, even if the USB data lines are boosted the power would still be an issue.

Which wifi cards are you using? If they work in your tests I’d say go for it, a solution that works in practice is a good solution :slight_smile:

I’m using the WiFistation EXT. So far they’ve been working great. I recently bought a Taranis and I’m looking forward to using OpenHD for RC control, as I’ve been using Dragonlink so far and I’ve heard that it causes problems with OpenHD video stream/video link.

How is the RC control working on the most recent stable release? I haven’t updated OpenHD in months.