Want to get started and a little confused about hardware requirements


I currently have a autonomous boat running ArduRover. For the FPV setup, I’m currently using a DJI O3 unit and am looking to replace that with OpenHD. I already have my control and telemetry links set up and am purely looking at replacing the video component.

I’ve been reading through the documentation and am a little confused about the hardware requirements. Specifically the part about the X86. Just to be clear, on the ground side, I require a laptop that will be booting from the USB Stick (thus I’m assuming not running Windows), will I still be able to run Mission Planner on that same laptop or do I require a second laptop for that?

The ground side WiFi adaptor needs to be powered separately as well or is the laptop USB power supply sufficient?

How many amps should the 5V BEC supply?

Sorry for the late reply, most things are nowadays handled via telegram and discord.

On X86 you can do both, you can either autostart air or ground, or manually start openhd and qopenhd or qgroundcontrol. For that setting just don’t select air or ground in the imagewriter.