Wfb_tx no process found


I am getting wfb_tx no process found error with continuous blank screen after.
Rebooted many times with same result.

Can you please explain the error and how to resolve it.

Using. Openhd 2.0.8 buster on raspberry pi b+ v1.2


AFAIK the Raspberry Pi 1 isn’t supported since a long time ago, it might be the issue that the wifibroadcast process couldn’t start on your hardware.

Thanks for identifying the problem.
I have found a couple of pi 3 A+ at a reasonable cost.
waiting to arrive.
Hopefully I can also playing now.

If you want to run the pi3 I would suggest using the latest builds (openhd evo)

hey hey hey ! wow wow wow IT WORKS
Plug & PLay
(out of the box experience)

that’s the experience we’re trying to achieve :slight_smile: